About US

H. Mamrud has been a leading provider of security fencing, design and integrator for over five decades, having gained rich experience in a variety of complex projects, all over the world.

We began our operations as a family business in the early 60s, contracting government projects nationwide.

Over the decades we worked on numerous security fencing projects for various government agencies and companies, and for public institutions. Among our clients are the Ministry of Defense, National Roads Company, the Israel Electric Corporation, the Ports and Railway Authority, the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company, the Israel Military Industries, and the national water company Mekorot.

In the 80s we expanded our operations, acquiring new clients such as local governmental companies, municipalities, and private contractors. We strive towards continued leadership in the quality of products we provide our clients, and accordingly we maintain the strictest standards of production. As we entered the new millennium, we expanded our operations, and currently we provide perimeter security systems, including low-voltage installations.

We deliver full custom-tailored solutions to our clients – from the physical infrastructure, to the design and the execution of the whole technological scope of the entire system, positioning us at the forefront of the security fencing market in Israel.

We examine all the existing technological tools required for the execution of each project, and choose those of the highest quality and the most suitable for the complex needs of each of our clients.

H. Mamrud carries out the design and installation of perimeter-protection systems in full cooperation with engineers, architects and contractors,

provides and integrates security systems, technical and design solutions tailored for the needs of our clients.

H. Mamrud is a leading projects integrator that carries out both simple and complex turnkey projects, such A perimeter defense system – at the State Secretariat Abuja Nigeria, as well as the protection of a high-voltage line supplying electricity to the city of Bujumbura in Burundi as well as for a diverse group of institutional, governmental and private clients.

The company makes it its' target to be updated with the most cutting edge solutions in the parameter intrusion detection systems arena, and provides the best tailor made solutions for its clients .

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